Under the age of Two:
Full-time:(35-50 hours)
$215 per week
Part-time: (under 35 hours)
$185 per week

Two and up:
(35-50 hours)
$205 per week
Part-time: (25-35 hours)
$175 per week
Mid-Time (Up to 25 hours)
$140 per week

Preschool (8am to noon):
Monday through Friday $105
or $23 per session 

We offer a sibling discounts, free vacation days and flexible scheduling.

Enrollment Process

We enroll new children based upon openings in our program. It is highly suggested to to begin the enrollment process in January to secure a position for your child in the fall.  If you are looking for infant care, it is suggested to go on our wait-list as soon as possible. Waiting lists can be 6-9 months at times.

Please note: Our waiting list is not an enrollment list. Enrollment is not guaranteed until paperwork is filled out and deposit has been submitted

 If you are interested in a position for your child, contact us today!

Enrollment Forms